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Sacred Frankincense is famously known as the “King of Frankincense”. Only the most therapeutic grade resin from the dwindling population of wild Boswellia Sacra trees in Dhofar region of Oman, is hand-picked and brought to Vernon, BC, Canada for distillation.

To obtain the highest concentration of beneficial elements our distillation process is extensively longer than most industrial distillations (12-16 hours), creating 100% pure therapeutic grade oil rich in heavy, molecular weight, therapeutic elements.

We produce Sacred Frankincense therapeutic-grade essential oil, hydrosol (essential water), raw frankincense serum (tightening mask), and pure resin powder supplement – 100% natural products which restore the intended beauty of God’s creation.

Nothing is added to our products – they are pure and simple, containing no preservatives, no isolates and no “enhancers”. When you breathe in the scent of OMANUM AROMA, you are breathing in the pure soul of Sacred Frankincense.

Our products not only make you feel younger, in fact, they make you younger.

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